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firstly, i hope you all know this is my old blog and my new blog is bbombsbutt. if you wanna buy please write HERE!!! or on facebook or twitter. thanks


i sell kpop albums so i can apply for university wow shit expensive T_T

most of the albums for 10 USD, photobooks about 25 USD, lightsticks 15 usd. price negotiable.

the list is quite random so just ask me. I live in Austria and ship international.

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You are fucking kidding me

aww its a cute gif of a shark trying to bite but his mouth’s too smAHHHHWHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT OH MY GOD STOP NO STOP STOP STOP

if anybody is interested in being even more scared: these motherfuckers have been found in most oceans around the world and have existed for over 30 million years

The deep ocean is as close to hell as it gets man, this things a fucking nightmare

i’m pretty sure this is a goblin shark and there are far more scarier fish in the ocean and in fresh water rivers and streams.
for example:tiger fish
vampire fish
basking shark
snakehead fish
and who can forget old mateANGLER FISH

even better, the Sarcastic Fringehead  (yes Legit name) (also Known as ‘predator fish’)


my inner aquarium volunteer is screaming (SARCASTIC FRINGEHEADS OGHGHGHHFKgjdfhgJDGH) okay here we go
awww look it’s vampyroteuthis infernalis what a cutie

wait what—


hi missus footballfish how was your day?? 

Oh wait shit I forgot ur dead and preserved in formaldehyde that was rude of me sorry u look lovely mrs footballfish
hello i interrupt this scary marine animal showcase to present mr. california sheephead

he was born a girl like all his sisters. but since he had the biggest jaw size of the group

he changed into a dude fish who takes care of his sisters isn’t that so sweet

look at his lumpy ass head tho.

now back to your regularly scheduled scary-ass fish. oh look it’s cookie cutter shark

what big teeth you have—

oh fuck it lights up that’s it i’m out

you’re forgetting

the frilled shark literally a scary ass dinosaur that swallows shit wHOLE

the dragon fish holy shit what that is not a dragon

the goosefish please help me 

do well to remember the deep-sea lizard fish in your nightmares thank u
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people that don’t know the piano notes must be so confused 

son sit down with ur sense of music superiority literally everyone gets the joke
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Biggest Nope I’ve Seen To Date

"Did you just catch that?"

I like that the batter actually looks impressed

haha “yes i did” mothafucka
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Me featured on Ahn’s Street Fashion BlogKorea Busan snap Ahnstreet January 박리나.22
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asdfghj stahp staaahp
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